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Our resources are a combination of affiliated Bay Island Media sites including other bumper sticker sites, plus other selected sites that share resources with bumperpower.com and/or other Bay Island Media sites. If you feel that your site would benefit from a resource exchange, please contact us at Resource Exchange. Many of the sites below are still in development. Please be patient and check back often to experience these new creative sites.

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FLICluminaries.com - the highest quality decorative luminary lanterns available for sale. Perfect for weddings, Christmas, Halloween and all holidays and occasions.  Highly Recommended!
bumprstickrz.com - the most recent Bay Island Media bumper sticker site.
halfmyheart.com - recognizing all who serve in Iraq!
never-forgive.com - why live in terror of Osama? Stop being a wimp and make a statement!
redneckstickers.com - you need an ol' pickup truck to fully appreciate this site!
stickergiant.com - With over 542 categories and over 11,214 bumper stickers, we offer the largest collection of Bumper Stickers & Car Window Stickers at discount prices.

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