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Bumperpower Bumper Sticker Company is a subsidiary of Bay Island Media. The sole purpose of this site is to provide a variety of products, from bumper stickers to clothing, with expressive messages that purchasers may find represent their own feelings and thoughts. By providing these products, Bumperpower.com (aka Bay Island Media) does not necessarily believe in the messages expressed (or perceived) in these products. Purchasers buy these products with the knowledge that all actions resulting from their purchases will be of their own responsibilities, and will not hold Bumperpower.com (aka Bay Island Media) responsible or accountable in any way.

All of us at Bumperpower.com thank you for taking the time to explore our products, and wish everyone satisfaction with expressing their own unique "freedom of speech" message. In fact, if you have ideas for material that we currently do not carry, please contact us and perhaps we can create designs to match your request.

If you would like to contact our company, please feel free to email us at the relevant department:

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